03 September, 2014

Parallel Rectangles

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimalist Photo of Yellow textured walls and blue sky
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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A colorful lookup Minimalist Photo comprising of parallel rectangles, yellow walls and blue sky.

This Minimalist Photograph was captured at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur. I wanted to show the contrasting colors yellow and blue here, along with simple geometrical shapes i.e. Lines and the two Rectangles.

I placed one rectangle on the top left (rule of thirds quadrant) and one on the bottom right (rule of thirds quadrant). So the result was two vertical parallel rectangles being joined by one line entering the frame from the left running over to the rectangle on the right. Editing the blue sky took me a lot of time. Showing sky the way it looked to the naked eye or showing the blue as blue, takes a lot, believe it.

It is basically a look-up Minimalist shot, where you basic look up towards the sky and try and capture something. It takes a bit of practice capturing Minimalist Photographs the look-up way. At first, you would feel as if you are not able to spot anything worthwhile. The trick is to keep hitting the shutter button and reviewing what you clicked. This will give you a fair idea as to what to click and what to let go.

Hope you enjoyed the Photo. Stay tuned for more.

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