02 September, 2014

Predatory Feet

Minimalism as Low Detail

A black and white Minimalist Photo of the Close-up of a predatory bird's feet with sharp nails, sitting on a wall.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

This is a special shot, as this was taken when I used to shoot in moving traffic on the streets. I used to hang the camera around my neck, riding my scooter going place to place in search of minimalist subjects. The moment I used to spot something interesting, I would stop right there, in the middle of  traffic. I would just turn my head towards the subject and point the camera at it and shoot, while still sitting on my scooter. 
I spotted this predatory bird sitting on a wall close to the main road that leads to the Vishvakarma Industrial Area in Jaipur. The bird stood still and did not even move an inch. Since I was zoomed in, I did not interfere with her privacy. 

The lens that I was on, was a Canon 55-250 mm . This took about 3 hours of post processing as I had to take out most of details from the shot. Although it was time consuming but the result was this Low Detail minimalist photo, which was very satisfying to look at.

Tell me, if you enjoyed the photo. - Feedback awaited.