15 September, 2014

Wounds of the Past

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of Round unfinished cement patches on wall
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

The main subject here is unfinished roundish cement patches. These patches came across as wounds to me, when I looked at them for a time slightly longer than normal. We all have a past, and for some it is good and joyous but, for some its a sad story. Some wounds are so deep, that they probably never heal and some are on the surface. This, is the artistic interpretation of the frame, otherwise I have primarily used lines as the core element.

Now, lets discuss the composition. The photo falls under the category of Minimalism as Less Elements. The elements being:
a) Lines
b) the abstract cement patches on the wall.

So they make two elements in total. The literal application of the rule of thirds is on the left, where the two vertical lines are. There was no other way of applying the rule here. Hope you enjoyed the shot. Feel free to share. Thank you

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