24 April, 2018

Sitting Vs Flying Bird

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Looking Up / Look-up Black and White Minimalism Photo of Two Birds, one sitting on one of the street lamps and the other flying across the sky.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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The above Minimalist Photograph of the Sitting Vs Flying Bird was shot near Ravindra Manch, Jaipur - India.

I was there in the parking lot. I had just parked my scooter and I was supposed to proceed for  the Jaipur Art Summit.

I looked over my right shoulder and I saw some birds flying across the sky, especially over the street lamps.

Then, one of the birds aka a Pigeon came and sat on top of one of the Street Lamps. I got interested, right away.

But, I did not want to shoot the Vanilla shot of just the bird sitting on the lamp and nothing else in the scene. Therefore, as a first step I included another Street Lamp in the shot.

OK, so now I had two Street lamps in my frame and a pigeon sitting on one of them.

About 6 months ago I had taken a Mobile Photograph of a group of birds sitting on the wire Vs a group of birds flying across the sky (opposites). That was not a timed shot, rather it was a gift from mother nature. But, I wasn't happy with myself as I wanted a similar shot from a DSLR Camera.

So, this was my chance, and this time I waited for the right moment to create the shot.

I switched my view from the View Finder of the camera to the LCD Screen. Then I moved the focus point on the pigeon sitting on the first street lamp, pressed the shutter button half-way and then waited for more birds to come into my frame.

Initially, a group of birds flew in, but the shape of each bird flying past did not came out the way I wanted, so I disregarded those shots.

I knew I did not have much time as the resting pigeon might fly away any moment.

I waited 30 more seconds and this time I got this lone Black Bird enter my frame and this time I was happy with the shape of her open wings.

So now We know how I created this composition in a Step-wise, Staggered manner. 

First one Street Lamp, Later that lamp with a Bird sitting on it, and then another Street Lamp and finally a Black Bird flying across.

Now that we have talked about the composition part, lets also quickly check the Minimalism Classification. 

The Photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography.

The Only elements being, just the Birds and the Lamps.

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

Stay tuned for more.

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21 April, 2018

The Minimalism Challenge thrown by a Friend

Image (1) - Minimalism as Less Elements

Title: Open Yellow Door

Two Minimal Art Photographs shot inside Cafe Step Out Jaipur in response to a Minimalism Challenge thrown by a Friend. Common Subject being the Yellow Door for Both Photographs.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Image (2) - Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Title: Light Triangle on Yellow Door

Two Minimal Art Photographs shot inside Cafe Step Out Jaipur in response to a Minimalism Challenge thrown by a Friend. Common Subject being the Yellow Door for Both Photographs.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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So I was hanging out on a Sunday Afternoon at Cafe Stepout at C-Scheme, Jaipur. 

I had my camera with me and I was planning to go out for a Photo-walk after my Coffee. 

I was there with another Photographer Yatin, and soon an old shop customer cum friend joined in. 

His name was Nauushad and he is a Poet. 

He regularly visits my Stationery Shop but till that day we never knew about each others passion.

He knew me as a businessman and I knew him as a Handicraft Manufacturer and Exporter.

I was surprised to find out that he was a Poet and he actually writes really well. 

He was equally surprised to learn about my Photography Skills and my Niche aka Minimalism / Minimalist Photography. 

While we were having a discussion, I was telling him that this art form occurs naturally to me and I  can shoot Minimalism anywhere and everywhere. 

That, nature was full of thousands of frames for me to capture. 

He wanted to validate my claim, so he threw me a Challenge. 

He asked me to shoot some Minimalist Photos at the Cafe itself. 

I readily agreed and asked him about 15 minutes of time. 

He was OK with the time limit and he granted me the same.

I returned back with these two Images.

His feedback was and I quote " Thank You Prakash Ji for providing such lively pictures, Minimalism is really a tough art, and you make it look so easy that you click a frame “within a frame” at a time when every other photographer just passes by searching for one good shot."

I Later explained to him which category of Minimalist Photography each of the Photo fell under and he was happy to learn about it.

Guess what? Next week, we were out on a Photowalk together, although it was for Street Photography. For he prefers that. 

OK, now lets get back to these two Minimalist Photos. 

The 1st Image above, "Open Yellow Door" falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements Category.

Alternatively one can also categorize it under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category. 

I did not categorize it under Simple Geometry because, I was trying to do some dimension play, bringing the depth on the left and the right together, by shooting the corner.

I Wanted to create a unique flat looking image. I hope you understood what I was trying to execute.

Geometry was much obvious in the 2nd Image titled "Light Triangle on Yellow Door"

Therefore, its categorization under Minimalism as Simple Geometry was rather straight forward.

This shot was taken vertically and the primary intention here was only to Show and Shoot the Triangle made by Light on the door. 

I clicked this vertical or in the Portrait mode to do away with the clutter.

In the end, I was happy I completed the Challenge successfully.

After that, I ordered another round of Coffee for all 3 of us.

Hope you liked these Images. 

Please take a moment to leave your feedback in the comments.

Thank You

Have a Great Day !

20 April, 2018

Windows with Red Border

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Minimal Art Photograph of Two Windows with Red Borders on a White Wall shot by Canon 100 mm prime Macro lens on a Crop Sensor Canon 600D Camera. Picture taken at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur, (Rajasthan)  during Jaipur Art Summit.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Look Up Minimal Shot that I clicked at Ravindra Manch Jaipur.

I had the 100 mm Prime Macro Canon L Series F/2.8 Lens mounted on my Canon 600D Crop Sensor Camera. 

I went to Ravindra Manch to attend Jaipur Art Summit.

I remember it was very hot and I captured this Minimalist Photograph at about 3 p.m in the afternoon. 

I attend a lot of Art Events for they help me absorb the Art Vibes around. 

Well, I was a little bored tonight and I wanted to post something Very Simple

So, I decided to post these Windows with Red Border i.e. Minimalism as Simple Geometry Minimal.

  • Primarily we have Two Big Rectangles and Two Big Long Lines in the frame.
  • And As I mostly do, I chose a Side Angle. 

Hope that you enjoyed the shot. 

Let me know of your feedback. 

Have a Good Evening :)

17 April, 2018

Long Shadow Of a Bicycle

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

Long Shadow of a Bicycle being Cast on a White Wall. Shot at Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What we have here is a Picture of the Long Shadow of a Bicycle but the actual Subject is the Front Type.

The Viewer made to imagine the rest of the Bicycle, its Partial Shadow on the White Wall being a Clue.

This is a good Example of Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

You have a part of the Bicycle Shown and the viewer needs to imagine the rest. You may or may not choose to show a hint aka the shadow on the wall.

I kept it Monochromatic here.

Light and Shadow looks way better in monochrome. 

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

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16 April, 2018

Two Lamps

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Looking-up Black and White Minimalist Photo of Two Lamps, one of them being covered with Shadow.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What we have here is a "Looking-up" / Look-Up, Black and White Minimalist Photo of Two Lamps, one of them being covered with Shadow.

I clicked this shot during Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 at Diggi Palce Jaipur.

The lamp on the lamp promoted me to shoot it as it was beautifully covered in shadows and the lines created by light on it were too good to look at. 

After taking about a couple of shots, I decided to also included the lamp on its side. 

The lamp on the left is exposed to the sun and that gave me a chance to display "Opposites" aka one Lamp in Shadow and the other one in the Sun.

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

Keep that feedback coming !

Thank You - Have a Good Day :)

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15 April, 2018

Street Lamp Shadow Minimal

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Black and White Minimalism Picture of a Street Lamp and its Shadow clicked by Canon 6D Mark II on the street of Jaipur City.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Greetings once again from Jaipur City.

Before I write about this picture, I would like to ask for apology for any editing errors in the Photograph above.

Last week, my Laptop crashed and I bought a new one only 3 days ago. 

It took me sometime but finally I got all the software and editing tools to work.

I will take some time getting used to the new Display Screen and other Settings. 

I did not have much of a problem though with the Black and White effect here, as I had shot the photo in Monochrome settings.

More on the Photograph

I spotted this Street Lamp Shadow right opposite Poppin Cafe, where I usually hang out on Sunday for a Cup of White Tea.

The Shadow of the Street Lamp on the Textured Wall, was the thing that motivated me to click this subject. 

I tilted the camera in my hand a bit to get both the Lamp and its Shadow in the frame. 

I did wait for a while for a bird to fly past, in fact about 20 minutes, but I had no luck this time.

I have categorized this picture under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography. 

The elements being the Lamp (and its shadow) and the Wall.

Hope you enjoyed the shot.  Keep that feedback coming :)

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Thank You !

05 April, 2018

8 Red Roses

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimal Art Picture of a Set of 8 Red Roses against the backdrop of a textured Wall with negative space on the sides. Shot via Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Above is a shot of 8 Red Roses against a Textured Wall. 

This shot was taken at the Entrance gate of "Jal Dhara" Jaipur, a place where young couples go to spend some time with each other. It is basically a garden that is host to a lot of water fountains. 

While I was on my way out of that garden (mind you, I was out there only for a photo-walk) I found these set of roses lying in a plastic bucket that belonged to an old woman. 

That old woman was actually selling red roses right outside the gate to couples. 

While composing the shot, I placed the 8 Red Roses on the bottom left of the frame and left a lot of empty or Negative Space on the sides to make the image look more Minimalistic

The Decayed Textured Wall at the back adds a nice contracts to the fresh Red Roses

The photo falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements category of Minimalist Photography. 

Hope that you enjoyed the photograph.

Your feedback is welcomed.

Have a Good Day ! 

03 April, 2018

Clothespin Shadow

Minimalism as Less Elements

 Long Shadow of Clothespin on Textured Wall Shot by Canon 6D Mark II Camera with Canon 100mm Prime F/2.8 L Series Lens
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Shot that I clicked yesterday. Thanks to my neighbors as this is a clothesline used by them. 

Earlier they were using a Green Clothesline. They replaced it with a Yellow one only recently. 

I cross this wall daily before going to office so you might see some more shots from this wall in the future.

What prompted me to click this frame was, The shadow of 2 Clothespins being casted under one.

This is the "Stop everything and Shoot Shot", you can't waste much time as the shadows move very fast. So I quickly ran to my room and got back to this wall within 45 seconds.

Also, some people set up their subjects prior to shooting but I do not like doing that.

I like it all natural.

Some Photographers might re-arrange the pins here to get this kind of shot but for me If such a thing is done the "Feel is lost".

What's even more interesting, is that I kept roaming the entire day last Sunday to get a decent enough Minimal Art Photograph but I got my shot yesterday right outside my house.

Thanks to nature for guiding me to it and to my neighbors of course :)

Eager for your feedback on the picture.

By the way this is Minimalism as Less Elements, find more Types here --> Types of Minimalism

Thank You  - Have a nice Day !