14 June, 2018

Flying Crow Vs Street Lamp

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Bird Flying across a Street Lamp near Albert Hall Museum Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Look-Up / Looking-Up Minimal Shot of a Bird Flying across a Street Lamp near Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur. 

This is the third shot from the same spot/location/set-up. 

An earlier shot that was posted in the blog-post The Black Crow, had a similar setup but a different editing style.

I have mentioned in my earlier post that its not that difficult getting bird in your picture intentionally. 

As you can see in the earlier photograph The Black Crow, this crow is the same as the Crow that you see sitting on top of the street lamp.

This was Shot one frame earlier, while the Crow was still Mid-air, trying to make its journey to the lamp.

Minimalism Category 

I mostly categorize such photos under the Minimalism as Less Elements category which is quite apparently visible here as to why I did so. 

This photograph took a lot of editing to be frank and the key here was the right amount and style of cropping, or else I would have spoiled the picture. 

I also corrected a small tilt in the photograph which I identified by the tilted lamp pole (not any longer visible). 

Also, since I already posted two shots from the same place, it was a tough call to post another one here, as I try to post different shots every post. 

But, since I love Street Lamps and Birds, so I posted this and do not feel guilty for doing so :)

Have you clicked any similar shots?

If so, do share them with me !

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Thanks and Regards

Prakash Ghai

07 June, 2018

Five of a Kind

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Black and White Minimal Photo of Five Clay Pots lying on the Streets right in Front of Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

This is Looking-Down Style Minimal Shot.

What we have here are Five Claypots kept for birds to drink water from, in front of Albert Hall Museum Jaipur.

Therefore I named this Five of a Kind

I liked the arrangement of the Claypots, so I decided to click as few shots. 

I originally shot this in the Color Mode and I turned this into Black and White during post-processing.

As you can see, the Claypot on the Top left is a bit titled and that is the Key Attraction of the photograph.

To get the composition right, I began with placing the nearpost Claypot in the center of the frame and then later adjusted my feet movement.

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

Take Care and Have a Good Day !

03 June, 2018

10 Squares 2 Triangles

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A looking-up Minimal Art Photograph of 10 Squares and 2 Triangles shot at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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A looking-up Minimal Art Photograph of 10 Squares and 2 Triangles shot at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

I was at the exact same place earlier as well and what I clicked that day was this shot Two Triangles Vs Lines

So, this is the second shot from the same place, similar angle. 

They say "Make the best use of the available resources"

Since my Photography is just a hobby albeit a very passionate one

I go to the places I can, be it the same places, with different lenses, on different days, different time and capture different shots. 

Someday, I will be doing full-time photography... waiting for that day...

Till that day comes and I redo, revamp the entire blog and posting style, enjoy these simple expressions of mine :D

Thank you 

Have a Good Day !

28 May, 2018

Side Rail Zig Zag Pattern

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Black and White Minimalist Photo of the Side Rail Zig Zag Pattern of a Staircase at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I am back with Minimalism as Simple Geometry and what we have above is a Black and White Minimalist Photograph of the Side Rail Zig Zag Pattern of a Staircase located at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India

I have clicked this structure earlier as well but from a different angle and different lens. 

You can check out the earlier shot here: --> Synchronized Geometry

The earlier shot was click in the Landscape Mode and this one as you can see is shot in the Portrait Mode.

Also note that my editing style has changed over time. 

The earlier picture was posted in October 2014 and you can see the difference in editing now in May 2018... In fact I am now OK to even post lightly edited JPEGs. 

If you have any questions about the photograph or my style then send me a message on Facebook / Instagram or Twitter Profile

Thank you 

Have a Good Day.

13 May, 2018

Metal Spiral

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Black and White Minimalist Photo of a Metal Spiral or a Fibonacci Spiral
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This Metal Spiral or Fibonacci Spiral Photograph that falls under "Minimalism as Simple Geometry" category, was clicked at Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur, during the Annual Literature Festival. 

Among-st all the Festivities, Celebrations, Celebrities, Authors and the Literature enthusiast that attend the festival, I chose to click this stuff.

Of course, because I am a Minimalist Photographer. 

Although I tried clicking a few pictures of some celebrities / authors and eminent personalities but I did not get any high after capturing them. So I always give that part a skip every year. 

Now, this Metal Spiral was a part of a Chair kept near the Front Lawn and right near the inquiry counter/ kiosk

I bent down on my knees to shoot this only to find everyone around staring at me, wondering as to what unique thing had I found in the Metal Chair that I could not find in the eminent personalities present there. 

I was on my 50mm prime lens and as always I was shooting Raw + Jpeg mode

If the Jpeg turns out to be good, which mostly does, I save a lot of time in editing. 

But if I screw the Jpeg then I have the Raw file as a backup and that requires a lot of editing.

I always end up spending more time editing the Raw file over Jpegs. 

I took about 5 shots from different angles and this photo had been lying around in my PC since January 2018. 

The thing is that I tried editing this series many a times, but I could not get the kind of result that I wanted. 

I started with colored photos and they were fully edited and were ready to publish. 

Somehow, something stopped me from publishing the colored photo. 

Last week, I opened the series of  5 shots of the same subject ie the Metal Spiral and converted one of them to Black and White. 

I got a feeling that this Spiral Shape would look better in Black and White rather than color. 

I edited two shots from the series and finalized this one. I kept the contrast a little low here and kept the photo a little dull. 

Let me know of your feedback about the photo in the comments. 

Hope to see you soon.

Bye ! Take Care