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Minimalist Photographer from Jaipur, India.

Prakash Ghai: Minimalist Photographer from Jaipur, India

Capturing visually appealing, simple yet creative Minimalist Photographs with Minimalism as a core theme, since December 2012.

Photography for me was an accidental discovery. I actually picked up a 5 Megapixel Canon Camera to take pictures of Stationery products for my shop's Facebook page. Since then, it is no looking back. 

This is my 8th year into Photography (2020) and I am still shooting capturing Minimalist Photographs all around Jaipur City.

My love for Minimalist Photography doesn't end here. I also curate and promote Minimalist Photos of other Photographers worldwide, via a brand page LearnMinimalism on Instagram. LearnMinimalism is headquartered in Jaipur :)

The hashtag #LearnMinimalism. has so far received more than 6,26,000 submissions from across the globe. That is quite a lot of people interested in Minimalist Photography and that really excites me for the future of this genre of Photography.

I have taken various workshops in Jaipur City and have organized many Photo-walks and meetings of Photographers and enlightened them about this art-form. Jaipur is an interesting city. People welcome all kinds of art forms and I personally know a lot of artists doing very creative work across different genres of art.

I have also had the privilege of being Jury for Various Photography Competitions for institutions like St.Stephens College Delhi, St Xavier's Jaipur etc, and various other online and offline competitions organized both locally (Jaipur and India) and globally.

In the past I have also licensed some of my Minimalist Photographs to prestigious brands like Nike.com and received media coverage in Newspapers like Economic Times / Rashtradoot (in India) and China Daily (in China). For more head over to: Media Coverage

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Prakash Ghai

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