30 October, 2018

55 Photography Tips Every Photographer Must Read Once

55 Photography Tips / Reflection of Photographers out on a Group Photowalk in a Water Puddle
A group of Photographers walk past a water puddle during a Photowalk organized by Jaipur  Photographers Club on 11th May 2014. © Prakash Ghai

These Photography Tips are easy to understand and they will help you in improving your Photography Skills. 

You can compose a Better Picture as compared to other Photographers after going through these 55 Photography Tips. 

Whether you are a beginner who is just starting out his Photography Journey or a Professional Photographer, whether you shoot from a DSLR Camera or with Mobile Phones Cameras, these Photography Tips will help you improve your Photography.

55 Photography Tips Every Photographer Must Read Once

1 - Know what not to shoot. 

2 - Avoid the technical trap. Keep it simple.

3 - Always go on Photowalks alone. You get the best shots.

4 - Shoot a theme each time you are out.

5 - Use color to your advantage.

6 - Look for shapes.

7 - Shoot anytime during the day. Don't restrict yourself.

8 - Shoot with different lenses at the same location.

9 - First compose in your mind.

10 - Use the rule of thirds.

11 - Location advantage. If you can go to a place other photographers don't have access to, you have an advantage.

12 - Watch tutorials on YouTube.

13 - Post you work on at least 1 sales website like FineArtAmerica.

14 - Create your Blog/Website and post regularly.

15 - Be present on at least 2 Social Media platforms and post regularly.

16 - Focus more on Creation rather than on Selling or Commercial angle or else you will spoil your work.

17 - Visit Photography and Art Exhibitions. Give you fresh perspective. 

18 - Organize your own Photowalks.

19 - Avoid too much Feedback. You know what I mean.

20 - Learn from other Photographers. Don't let your ego stop you from learning.

21 - Never delete old work. Never.

22 - Take a back up of your Photos at least once every 15 days at 2 more places other than your computer.

23 - Do not Over Edit. 

24 - Shoot Raw + Jpeg

25 - Set image size to Highest Resolution. Helps in case you need to Crop.

26 - Review your edited photos over a number of days after editing, maybe you are able to edit them better on a later date.

27 - Pass on leads to other Photographers :) Yes, pass them on.

28 - Don't fall in the Narcissism Trap. That would be the end of your career.

29 - Don't succumb to Societal Pressure. Keep working hard, it will yield results if you are earnest.

30 - Never work for Free. Never. 

31 - Consider prevailing market prices before quoting your price.

32 - Go out on a photowalk without the camera once in a while and simply compose with your eyes to practice. This helps, take my word for it.

33 - Get inspired by others work but do not get over inspired, copy and lose your originality. Beware.

34 - Shoot all styles to begin with and pick one genre that your feel comes naturally to you. 

35 - Never depend totally on the on-screen / LCD review of the camera. Check technical specifications after shooting by pressing the Info Button and zoom in to check how sharp the photo is and whether you have missed focus.

36 - Get a Camera and Lens Cleaning Kit. Clean regularly.

37 - Never change lenses with the camera power button on, make sure the Camera is turned off when you do so.

38 - Use a Lens filter to protect the lens. Like a a good quality UV filter on top of your lens.

39 - If someone objects at you taking a picture of them or their house, find another place or subject. Don't offend them. 

40 - Always keep an eye on the traffic. Safety first. Its OK if you miss a shot.

41 - Shoot mostly one stop under exposed, it helps during editing. 

42 - Don't be in a hurry to be successful - if you can't give 6-7 years to photography, it better to stay out. Art requires time.

43 - Your garden / terrace and your backyard has many shots hidden in them. Go explore. You will be surprised with what you find.

44 - Go out post a rain-shower and shoot some Water Reflection photographs / Water droplet photographs. Try Water Reflection photography once, you will love it.

45 - Keep an eye on the Cloud formations in the sky. Some days they are a good starting point.

46 - Go to public places like Malls, Airports, Train Stations and Bus Stands to shoot (if allowed). They are full of interesting subjects and architecture.

47 - Go to places, most photographers don't go. Your shots will be different as a result.

48 - Use a hand strap for your camera, as surrounding your neck with your camera belt can cause neck strain/injury.

49 - Go out in the rain to shoot rather than staying back home using rain as an excuse not to shoot.

50 - When it is raining, find a shed, position yourself, put on the lens hood and protective gear and shoot.

51 - Take written permission before shooting at public places like Airports, Train Stations etc to avoid trouble.

52 - Never shoot with your Mobile Camera when you are out with your Digital Camera.

53 - Keep Silica Gel sachets in your Camera Bag to protect your camera from moisture.

54 - Remove Battery from the Camera after use. They will last longer as a result.

55 - Cropping a photograph can carve out a nice frame for you, if done the right way.

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Prakash Ghai

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