29 October, 2018

Open Vs Closed Window

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

A Lookup Minimal Art Photograph of Two Windows on a Wall, one of which is open and the other one is closed.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I went to Anchor Mall one day to click some pictures. 

At the entrance of the Mall, which is located at Ajmer Road near my house, the guard came up to me and uttered those famous words that I hate to hear "Sir, Photography is NOT Allowed."

I was devastated. I have seen other photographers who had posted nice shots from within the Mall  with Phone Cameras. 

Well, I had no other place to go that day so I asked him permission to take photos only outside the Mall. He agreed :)

This brown wall was to my right above a Pan Shop/Kiosk. 

I got interested looking at the Two Windows. I could see blue sky through both of them. 

So I captured my initial shot in which both Windows had Blue Sky visible through them.

While I Was about to leave, I realized that with a little movement of my feet, I was able to get a Brown Wall of a nearby building in the window on the right, matching the color of the wall and thus making the Window appear closed. 

I decided to shoot this composition with "Opposites" as a theme in my mind in which one Window can be seen as Open and the other one Closed

So, that's pretty much about the composition. The Simple Geometry is Obvious here :) 

The EXIF Data of the Photo is as follows:

  • Camera Model: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

  • Lens: Canon 100 mm Lens

  • F-stop: f/5.6

  • Shutter Speed: 1/2500 sec.

  • ISO speed: ISO-100

  • Exposure bias: 0 step

  • Focal Length: 100 mm

  • Metering mode: Spot

  • Flash mode: No flash

  • Exposure program: Manual

  • White Balance: Auto

Hope you enjoyed the Open Vs Closed Window  Minimalist Photograph.

Thank you for your time. Have a Nice Day. !

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