27 July, 2014

What is Minimalist Photography?

The Question isWhat is Minimalist Photography?

Minimalist Photography is basically Photography done using as few elements as possible within a frame and leaving out clutter or that which is not required. This, in turn gives the subject amplified attention and helps in creating clean, less busy and visually soothing to look at Minimalist Photographs.

Minimalist Photography takes its inspiration directly from Minimalism. 

I am not going to make you deep-dive into the History of Minimalism but here is how it started in-short.

Minimalism that literally means "Minimum" or Reduced to Bare Essentials, started as a Reductive Art Movement in the 1950's in United States lead by Minimalist Painter "Frank Stella", who once famously said about his paintings "What you see is what you see."

We can conclude, Minimalism anchors Simplicity at its core and It is based on the principle: "That which is less complicated is better understood."

In Minimalist Photography, we follow this core Philosophy.

We must Keep in mind, that the resulting Photograph must ensure Tremendous Visual clarity and Enhanced or Amplified attention to the core subject.

We can use a combination of One or More of the following Key Elements of a Minimalist Photograph to achieve our goal.

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Patterns
  • Symmetry
  • Geometry
  • Isolated Subjects
  • Strong Colors
  • Sharp Color Contrasts
  • Negative Space
  • Repetition

Another way to look at Minimalist Photography could be simply:

Minimalist Photography = Minimalism (as a concept) + Visual Art (the art of making something visually appealing within a particular landscape/frame).

OK, Enough of Theory, Now, lets take an Example of a Minimalist Photograph that I took, with the use of  some basic Minimalist Photography principles and Negative Space.

A Minimalist Photo of broken glass wall fence
Minimalist Photography by © Prakash Ghai
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If you see above, the subject Pieces of Broken Glass on a boundary wall is placed in the bottom 1/3rd of the frame, while 2/3rd of the frame (top) is left empty. That empty space is Negative Space and it is used primarily to make the eyes lead to the subject.

- Not all Minimalist Photos use Negative Space as shown above. There are different Types of Minimalism in Minimalist Photography which I shall explain in my coming posts.

-- I also have a Visual Representation of some of my Minimalist Photographs in the form of a Slideshow that I have posted on my YouTube Channel. Click here to view --> Minimalist Video

-- Minimalist Photographs are "Simple" to look at but very difficult to make. You need to change your perspective to compose nice Minimalist Frames. It also requires some change of perspective to see things from the Minimalist Photographer's perspective. To train your eyes and start seeing subjects in term of shapes, please read Train your Eyes for Minimalist Photography article.

-- It is also possible that Minimalist Photography as a genre is not meant for you, as you are currently in a very different phase of life than me or other Minimalist Photographers. Find out which Phase of Life you are currently in, that could also help you find the best suited Photography Genre you.

Minimalist Photography Camera Gear

A lot of people ask me as to what Camera Gear I use to capture Minimalist Photos and what Camera Gear they should use for it.

To be honest, you do not need a Special Camera Gear, your regular Camera Kit or even your Phone Camera is enough to capture Minimalist Photographs.

Sure, one thing you do need is the Eye to See and see things in a different manner.

Anyways, I currently use a Canon 6D Mark II Full frame Camera and 50 mm prime and 100 mm prime lens to capture most of my Minimalist Photographs.

To view the complete list of all the equipment I use, click here: Camera Gear

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  2. I love your photos. You`ve definitely got an eye for details and minimalistic compositions!

  3. I absolutely love your photos, I love your sense of shape and color. I am a High school student in america and I'm doing a project for a photography class where I take a photographer and emulate their style. I was wondering if I could use your photos? I really enjoy your photos and I find myself taking very similar pictures. Also is there anywhere I could find out more about you as a photographer?

    1. Hello There, Thank you for your interest in my work. Yes, you could use my photos/blog notes to share it with co-students/friends. I am also on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/prakashghai/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prakash.ghai

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  13. I'm just a beginner in this category and thanks to Prakash I learned a lot from him and his website.. :)
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  15. Thanks for creating awareness about minimalism. May be now I will also give it a try

  16. Hi Prakash, I love your work and your articles. I moderate on the Martin Leach Minimalism Contest and Minimal Photo and Art communities on G+. My greatest love is B/W minimalism. I'm considering starting my own B/W Minimalst community on G + and was wondering if it would be ok to name the categories, based on your article, Types of Minimalism. Thanks in advance Keith

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  19. I've never heard of minimalist photography but I love the concept of it and there is no arguing the beauty and depth of your photos!