27 July, 2014

What is Minimalist Photography?

The Question is, What is Minimalist Photography / Minimalism or Minimal Art?

Well, it is basically photography done using as few elements as possible within a frame. This, in turn gives the subject amplified attention. Tremendous visual clarity/emphasis on the subject is the primary goal here.

Minimalism anchors, simplicity at its core. It is based on the principle: "that which is less complicated is better understood." The use of lines, shapes, patterns, symmetry, geometry or isolated subjects, result in powerful minimalist images, that leave a lasting visual impact on the viewer.

Some of the ways by which Visual Clarity/Clear Focus/Amplified attention on the subject, can be achieved include:

a) Cropping the frame, and thereby doing away with the unnecessary.
b) Using *negative space (*empty space which is not required ) to redirect attention back towards the subject.
c) Making the subject repeat in the entire frame .

Another way of looking at minimalist photography is:

Minimalist Photography = Minimalism (as a concept) + Visual Art (the art of making something visually appealing within a particular landscape/frame)

Now, lets take an example of a Minimalistic photo that I took, with the use of negative space.

A Minimalist Photo of broken glass wall fence
Minimalist Photography by © Prakash Ghai
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If you see above, the subject is placed in the bottom 1/3rd of the frame while 2/3rd of the frame (top) is left empty, used primarily to make the eyes lead to the subject which here is the random placement of broken glasses on the wall.

Not all Minimal photos use negative space as shown above. There are different Types of Minimal photos which I shall explain in my coming posts, alternatively you can begin by first seeing a Minimalist Video of select minimal photos. Minimalist photos are the most "Simple" to look at but very difficult to take. You need to change your perspective to compose nice Minimalistic frames. I would suggest that you Train your Eyes for it before you begin.

It is also possible that Minimalist Photography as a genre is not meant for you.

Find out which Phase of Life you are currently in, to find out the best suited genre of Photography for you.

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