Minimalist Photography Course & Online Classes

1. Minimalist Photography Complete Overview

 Medium: Online

    Minimalist Photography Course/Classes Poster

Learn Minimalist Photography in detail with a one on one personalized online class via platforms like Zoom/Google Meet etc.

What you will learn in the course?

Day 1
(a) My Introduction
(b) How & why I started photography?
(c) My Inspiration
(d) About Minimalism
(e) Examples of Minimalism in various fields like Life, Architecture, Design and Fashion
(f) What is Minimalist Photography?

Day 2
Types of Minimalism in Photography explained(total 8)
1. Minimalism as Less Elements
2. Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors
3. Minimalism as in Small Objects
4. Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Day 3
Types of Minimalism continued...
5. Minimalism as Parts of the Whole
6. Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes
7. Minimalism as Low Detail
8. Zeroism

Day 4
(a) Minimalist Photography Composition: Things to keep in mind
(b) Vision building exercises
(c) General Photography Tips
(d) Identifying and observing the Art and Elements with some more examples of Minimalist Photographs

Day 5
(a) Get 20 of your Photographs reviewed in detail.
(b) Get 10 of your Minimalist Photographs reviewed in detail.
(d) Open ended Q&A session

Class Duration: 5 Days / 40 mins per day

Class Fee: $150 (Foreign nationals) / Rs. 11250 (Indian residents)

What you will need?

1. A computer or mobile with a functioning camera/webcam and audio set-up. 
2. Well versed with Zoom Meet/ Google Meet etc

You must already have basic knowledge of photography. This course is about a Niche form of Photographic Art i.e Minimalist Photography and not in any way about the basics of Photography.

Fees are to be paid upfront in full

Fees can be paid via PayPal, PayTM, GooglePay or Wire Transfer. If you are interested in this course please send me an email at or head over to the Contact Page

Note: For Schools, Colleges and Corporate Enterprises:

If you are a School, College or a Corporate Enterprise, and want me to deliver this course/workshop to a group of people together, then it will be concluded in upto 3 hours at a stretch the same day. Price of the course will remain the same. Teaching will be done via Zoom using Powerpoint Presentation.

    2. Online Photo Review Session

Poster for online photo review classes

What you will learn?

(a) Expert Tips and Advice on 50 of your Minimalist Photography Compositions
(b) Vision Improvement Tips
(c) Suggested Subjects to Shoot 
(d) General Photography Tips
(e) Learn the difference between good and wow art.
    Class Duration: 80 mins (40+40 mins session same day)
    Class Fee: $50 (Foreign nationals) / Rs.3500 (Indian residents)

    Fees are to be paid upfront in full

    Fees can be paid via PayPal, PayTM, GooglePay or Wire Transfer. If you are interested in this course please send me an email at or head over to the Contact Page

    Q. Is there a Discount?

    Prices are fixed and non-negotiable. The only way to get a discount is when you take the course with a friend. Doing so will save both you and your friend 10% on the list price of the course. Keep in mind, that then it would not be one on one but rather I would be teaching 2 people at a time.

    3. Crash Course (Single session)

    Single session Crash Course of upto 3 hours.

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