21 May, 2017

The Water Sprinkler

Minimalism as Less Elements

 Black and White Minimalist Photography using Water Sprinkler and Empty Garden field as a Subjects.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Hello All !

I am back with a Minimalist Photograph. This time I chose Black and White Photograph over Colored one, for I haven't posted a decent Black and White Minimalist Photo in a while. 

So lets quickly get to the Photograph.

The Photo above of The Water Sprinkler, falls under the Minimalism as Less Elements Category. The Elements being the Grass, the Fence, and The Water Sprinkler playing a small little guest appearance :)

I clicked this photograph from an over-bridge, looking down from the top. The angle was a unique one indeed. This place is a garden maintained at the back-side of a famous Hotel in Jaipur.

One usually doesn't get access to such places, so an Over-bridge is a nice idea.

OK, So while I was taking the shot, I spotted a guard walking around the open garden. I was planning initially, to take a Minimalism as in Small Objects photograph by showing the guard small in size relative to the vast open garden. But, that didn't happen, as in the shots that I took, the placement and the shape of the guard dint come out the way I wanted to. 

So, I switched to Plan B, ie. Shooting this shot under the Minimalism as Less Elements, without the guard.

I took a Colored Shot of the above Garden field to begin with but that came out pretty flat

The Water Sprinkler firing, also wasn't visible in that shot. 

In my next try, I tried to time the spray of The Water Sprinkler. I wanted to place it nicely according to the rule of thirds on the right of the frame. A couple of shots down I placed it right where I wanted to. I let it move a little towards the center for the frame. That's it, I was happy then and I moved on to my next location.

Today, I was just a different mood, so instead of sharing the work in Colored, I converted the Photograph into Black and White and I liked that more so I Posted that. Hope you enjoyed the little behind the scenes action.

See you all next post.