28 March, 2016

The Other World

Minimalism as Less Elements 

Minimalist Photo of the Reflection of a bird and tree in a water puddle on the streets of Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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What if there are other worlds that co-exists along with ours right here on planet Earth. Maybe there are other objects or people/aliens who are not visible to us as we can only see objects or people that lie in our dimension. For Example we can only see things that are in a) 3D b) 2D c) 1D but not 4D, But those who live in the 4th Dimension or 4D can see all 4 dimensions including theirs but not sneak peak into the 5th Dimension or 5D and the chain goes on upto infinite Dimensions. They all talk of aliens/Ufo's or other beings visiting our planet or have visited our planet in the past. Maybe they all live here but some have the know-how or technology to do "Dimension Travel". Whenever I see shadows or reflections I completely get into a different state of mind and begin to ponder if there was a way by which I could visit the worlds of shadows or reflections at least.

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This is Minimalism as Less Elements where my primary subject is the small bird sitting on the wire accompanied by its supporting subject or the co-actor in the movie ie the tree. To find such a shot one has to either go out post rain or find a place where there is water seepage. Its relatively easy to find such places In India as some of the local shopkeepers water the road right outside their shop and use cleanliness as a tactic to attract customers. I took this shot right in front of a cigarette selling shop in Jaipur The shopkeeper cleaned the area right outside his shop alright but he left the place next to his shop untidy with spare water having nowhere to go. One of the key challenges in reflection photography is to get the exposure right and be lucky enough to have clear water for visible reflections. Water puddles with a lot of mud should be avoided. I would suggest shooting in the RAW file format so that such tricky photos could be well edited. Also, it is a usual practice to flip water reflection photos to add in the extra magic but here at least in this shot, the flip wasn't looking nice so I kept it the way it is. Mind you, the bird is not as sharp as the tree, I mean that is your choice as to where you keep the focus point at but that did not change my subject and it is still the bird.