13 May, 2020

10 Reasons Why you should be Buying Wall Art during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic has brought in a lot of Behavioral and Cultural Changes in People and Society.

People now prefer using technology to meet people one to one online or even attend virtual online group parties or conferences. People are wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing themselves. The biggest trend that came out as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, is Work-from-home aka remote work. Video communication platforms like Zoom and Skype facilitate online meetings and reviews. The  24x7 data connectivity ensures Work from Home is accomplished with ease.

What COVID-19 also did, is that it has unleashed fear in the minds of people. Also, Self-Quarantining and being under Lockdown for months has started affecting mental health of people. Wearing of Face Masks is making people feel psychologically suffocated and disturbed. 

I  personally know a few people who are now so bored and worried that they now have sleeplessness and anxiety and hence no activity is able to uplift their mood or spirits, (alcohol might be an exception, I agree).

Today, I will tell you as to why such people need to Buy and bring home some Wall Art. I have compiled a list of 10 Reasons for it. So without waiting any further, here they are:

10 Reasons Why you should be Buying Wall Art during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Peacock Feathers Wall Art Framed Print
Peacock Feathers: Wall Art By © Prakash Ghai
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1. Going Live via Video Communication Apps with a blank wall in the background is not a good idea.

I have personally attended about 6-7 Live video sessions on various subjects during the Lockdown via Zoom, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Live Apps. I have also seen some Celebrities and TV News Anchors come LIVE on TV or via webcams from their homes. 

Some of the people had well decorated walls with beautiful Wall Hangings and Wall Art. But, majority of the people had Empty Walls behind them. This is seriously a bad idea. That doesn't make for good Audio-Visual content, at least presentation wise.

Now, imagine going Live on a Video Call and having a couple of nice Wall Art pieces displayed on your wall and people complimenting for the choice of your Art, while you are LIVE.

2. Staying home during Lockdowns causes Stress, but hey Art Heals.

Lots of citizens around the world are following Stay at Home orders and are locked indoors for a long period of time. Having your movement officially restricted by govt officials causes Stress, both at the conscious and the sub-conscious levels of your mind.

Simply having some Wall Art could really help you de-stress. All you have to do is keep engaging with the Artwork visually every once in a while. Remember how good you felt when you saw an artwork at an Exhibition? Remember that feeling? Now just try and recreate that in your home.

3. The idea of Shopping itself is a Stress Buster.

Whether you shop for Wall Art online or otherwise, Shopping in general, is a stress busting activity. I have seen lots of people who just shop for the sake of Shopping. In fact, they do it unknowingly to bring down their stress levels. So, don't think too much, if you have never bought any Wall Art ever, just take the plunge and Buy.

Start Here: Minimalist Photography Wall Art 

4. Buy Wall Art directly from artists, instead of donating to Charities that are not that transparent.

While it may be a good idea to support some charities that contribute to the COVID-19 Relief Funds,  you can also choose to Support Artists, by directly buying Wall Art from them. 

Artists need a Bailout too, No one ever bailed them out.

First of all, they leave most of the Mainstream jobs to produce Art. 
Second, some of the Artists might even give up art during this COVID-19 Pandemic altogether. For now, they know that it is about Survival and if they are not able to generate enough income from Art, they would simply give it up forever.

It is our moral duty to support them, while the government tries to support other sectors and people. 

Look what you consumed during the Lockdown the most. Movies, Music, Books, Poetry, Watched Tv Shows, Sports, went on Instagram and saw works of Fashion Designers, Photographers, Sculptors, Painters, etc Correct? 

All of them are artists. Keep supporting them.

If it weren't for the Artists and their Art, we would have gotten bored to death and would have started having mental issues early on in the Lockdown.

5. Good time to introduce your family to Art, for everyone is home.

During the Lockdown everyone is home. This rarely happens. The whole family is together and it is a good time to buy some Wall Art and hang it on the wall where the family generally sits for a discussion. This way, you can introduce your family, especially the young children to Art and get their views and perspective on it.

What a Golden Opportunity isn't it? Will this time come again in our lifetimes? Well, nothing can be said for sure but most likely Not. So, it is time for you to take some action.

6. Feel like your Freedom is curtailed? Art is about Free Expression aka Freedom

Many of us feel like our Freedom is curtailed or rather forcefully taken away. We miss our Freedom terribly. We miss the feeling of being Free, of being able to go anywhere, to do anything without taking anyone's permission.

Guess what Artists do? They express freely and they use their Artwork as a medium for their expression. They don't care for society or for existing Artists or for any Art form dominating them.

They do their art without fear, with free will, with pure expression, and without anyone's permission. When you buy Wall Art from an Artist, you get those feelings of Fearlessness, and Freedom embedded in the Artwork.

All you have to do is put that Artwork on the wall to feel free again. Of course not in the literal sense though, but it matters.

7. To get inspired to pick up a New hobby for yourself.

All your life you had been very busy working all day long, trying to make ends meet. You always thought that one day, you would take out time for yourself and dig your talent and be done with it.

Some of you even tried but did not succeed. You needed more inspiration to continue to explore more about yourself. When you have an Artwork or a couple of Artworks from a few artists placed on the wall in your bedroom, those pieces of Wall Art will inspire you and motivate you everyday to finally pick up a New Hobby for yourself. 

8. Engaging with Art takes you into Introspection.

The more you engage with Art the more you go into Introspection. The more you introspect the more  you come up with solutions to various problems that need to be fixed.

Now the question is, Why is Art able to make you go into Introspection? 
The answer is simple, it helps to break thought patterns, or thought monotony. Once you get off a particular track, only then you can fix it an effective manner. If you try to fix it while at it, chances are you would inflict some self-damage.

9. You have something Offline or Off-screen to engage with in this Digital World.

Having framed Wall Art Prints hanging on your walls in this digital era is priceless. What we all do all day long is, Keep staring at digital screens. Be it the screen of a Laptop, a Mobile Phone or a Television Set.

We need to get off digital screens and get into offline eye and mind engagement for a reset. Wall Art definitely helps us in achieving the same.

10. Art makes you feel Less Lonely.

Imagine being locked up in a room with empty walls around you. You are bound to feel lonely. 

Now imagine, being locked up in a room with 4 Artworks of two different Artists hanging on your wall. Now, you have someone near you, not literally though, but that someone is the Souls of artists  with  beautiful Free Minds visible via their Wall Art.

Engaging a few minutes each day with such Wall Art, will make you feel Psychologically a little less lonely. Sure, in reality no one is there, but that feeling someone is there is enough sometimes.

Forgotten Love Wall Art Framed Print
Forgotten Love: Wall Art By © Prakash Ghai
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To Conclude, I must say that one must seriously consider Buying some Wall Art from Artists during this COVID-19  Pandemic and experience its benefits.

This action of yours would go a long way in motivating the Artists and they will carry on creating wonderful art. Art for our Souls, Lost Souls perhaps.

There goes a famous saying, "Without Art, Earth is just Eh"


  1. Prakashji its a Beautiful post on Why to Buy Wall Art during COVID-19 Pandemic. I totally relate to your point number 10 Art makes you feel Less Lonely. I had experienced it myself when you are all alone and you see a artwork on your wall sometimes you get lost in it, Have a Nice and Safe Day. . . :)

  2. Thank you Manav
    I agree, when there is art around you, you are never lonely.
    And Art loves you back.