30 July, 2014

The Setting Sun

Minimalism Type: Zeroism

An Abstract Minimalist Photo of the Rays of the setting sun on a cars roof.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai

A Abstract Minimalist Photo comprising of the Rays of the setting sun falling on top of the roof of a car, creating an abstract sunset image.

This shot was taken on a late evening, while I was just outside the main gate of my house. The sun was about to set in in about 20 minutes. I spotted this unique imagery being created through its slanting rays being reflected on the roof of the car about two feet away. I decided to zoom in a bit and boom, I had this wonderful Sunset Zeroism photograph. Such kind of subjects, either you spot or you dont. It comes with a lot practice.

As a Minimalist it takes a lot time, developing a vision related to the 8 Types of Minimalism mentioned in the blog. 

Practice is Key. This took about 10 minutes to edit. I increased the vibrancy and a bit of saturation. Also, some bit of sharpness was added.

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