07 April, 2016

The bird that wished she never had wings

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of a sparrow sitting on a metal fence in front of Jal Mahal Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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She was leading a simple life. It used to be fun to fly to unexplored places every morning and be back by the evening to rest in the nest. The nest that she had rebuilt with a lot of effort. When she was young a vulture had killed all her family and destroyed their nest. She was the sole survivor. As time passed she became very strong and everything was good for quite a while. Then one fine morning she decided to fly very far, to a place where she had never been. There she made friends with a bird and soon fell in love with him. Suddenly her life changed and it was all so very beautiful. She made up her mind and decided to fly back to him, confess everything and be together with him for the rest of her life. That day was special indeed, everything was perfect until a storm hit and soon there was rain. They both decided to protect themselves and therefore flew to a nearby tree which had a hole in it. They both were lost in love and therefore they could not sense the danger that is always imminent from other predatory birds. There was an attack and it was a vulture again. She managed to save her life but the love of her life was lost. She was devastated and broken. The fence she is sitting at is near the tree where the attack took place. Three days have passed but she hasn't moved an inch. She regrets flying to this place. This would have never happened if she never had wings is what she concluded. So she gave up on flying forever and decided that she will be at the fence, till she loses her consciousness. 

Back to the photo. The photo was taken at 7.17 am. As you can see the sun was pretty bright so to cut down the light I used an aperture value of f/11 on my camera. I was on my 50mm 1.4 canon prime lens. I was pretty close to the bird and therefore I dint want to go beyond f/11. To cut down the light further I set the shutter to 1/4000 sec. The ISO speed was 400. Since I was shooting in the Full Manual Mode like I always do, I had to move my fingers very fast or else the bird would have flown away before I was at the right camera settings. In hindsight, I could have done better with an ISO speed of 100 and adjusting the shutter accordingly, If the subject wasn't a bird I would have delivered on that, just a slight miss but there is always a next time. 

Composition is Minimalism as Less Elements. Here we have two or lets say three elements including the fence. Frame is simplistic with two thirds negative space on the top.


  1. The story and the photo matches. The Vulture is the culprit... Poor thing has to suffer

    F - Playing with Fire

  2. Beautifully written and a nice click to complement it:-)

  3. Sad and powerful story . Beautiful photo and good teacher. Thanks.