02 April, 2016

Bicycle Bench Lines

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole 

A Minimalist Photo of a Bicycle parked near a bench against a yellow wall
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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As you can see, the photo contains three elements but here I am not trying to show Minimalism as Less Elements as a type here. The elements, although are decent enough for a minimalist photo but they are too zoomed-in, too big in size and give more of a maximal feel. The photo is still minimal though. 

Simple geometry(four vertical lines) as a Type of Minimalism in Photography has been used (partially) along with the type "Minimalism as Parts of the Whole". So you can say its more of a fusion of two types of Minimalism in Photography. 

Well, Parts of the Whole Minimalism is when a part of the subject is clipped on purpose and the viewer is made to imagine as to how the complete object would have looked like if there was no clipping/cropping done. Now, lets get into more detail, If I had taken this shot last year, I would have used only the four vertical lines in the frame along with the partial tyre of the bicycle restricting the elements to a total of two. But since I have grown over time and have taken a lot of those shots earlier, this time I decided to include the bench as well and clipped that too so that the mind of the viewer is led into deeper imagination. If we look at the bench with a view to see shapes then it is a rectangle and the same way the tyre of the bicycle is an arc.

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  1. Good read. If those were 3 no doubt must be used as stumps for playing cricket.