03 April, 2018

Clothespin Shadow

Minimalism as Less Elements

 Long Shadow of Clothespin on Textured Wall Shot by Canon 6D Mark II Camera with Canon 100mm Prime F/2.8 L Series Lens
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Shot that I clicked yesterday. Thanks to my neighbors as this is a clothesline used by them. 

Earlier they were using a Green Clothesline. They replaced it with a Yellow one only recently. 

I cross this wall daily before going to office so you might see some more shots from this wall in the future.

What prompted me to click this frame was, The shadow of 2 Clothespins being casted under one.

This is the "Stop everything and Shoot Shot", you can't waste much time as the shadows move very fast. So I quickly ran to my room and got back to this wall within 45 seconds.

Also, some people set up their subjects prior to shooting but I do not like doing that.

I like it all natural.

Some Photographers might re-arrange the pins here to get this kind of shot but for me If such a thing is done the "Feel is lost".

What's even more interesting, is that I kept roaming the entire day last Sunday to get a decent enough Minimal Art Photograph but I got my shot yesterday right outside my house.

Thanks to nature for guiding me to it and to my neighbors of course :)

Eager for your feedback on the picture.

By the way this is Minimalism as Less Elements, find more Types here --> Types of Minimalism

Thank You  - Have a nice Day !

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