30 September, 2014

Source of Happiness

Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors 

I was walking past the galleries of St Xaviers College Jaipur, where I went to view IMERA, their annual Photo exhibition this Sunday. I had my DSLR hung around my neck as usual with that broad black Canon strap with the thin red border. I was hunting for some minimalist subjects, but wasnt able to find any for a long time, suddenly I looked up to the sky and found these beautiful arrangement of colors and there you go I had the shot that I wanted. Similarly, in life we are mostly unhappy with the things around us and we kind of get into the trap and fail to engage or find things which can make us happy like hobbies like art, photography, interacting with people, traveling etc. It is not difficult to be happy in life all that we need to do is to find your source of happiness and I bet it exists for all of us. Now coming to the composition part, Minimalism as few distinctive colors is not that tough, you need to actively look for color contrasts, once you spot them switch to the camera's LCD mode with the 3x3 grid on and try to place your subjects creatively, I mostly shoot from the LCD Screen although focusing as a result is very slow compared to the viewfinder but you can definitely make stronger compositions.

A Minimalist Photo of Decoration at St Xaviers College Jaipur During IMERA photo exhibition
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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