23 September, 2014

If Windows could speak

Minimalism as Less Elements

"If windows could speak, they would have many stories to tell. They record life on the streets and what happens inside the house, the seasons that pass by and the moments of joy and grief. They bring in the first rays of light and the fresh air that we breathe. We have them all around us but we fail to recognize that life within them too exists." This Shot was taken near the Jharkhand Mahadev Temple in Jaipur. I was preparing for a street shot and was waiting for people to pass by this large textured white wall. Suddenly, I noticed this beautiful geometric "Caged" and silent pink window and immediately I decided to change my shot to a minimal one.

A Minimalist Photo of A caged and silent pink window on a large white textured Indian wall.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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