16 September, 2014

Father and Son

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

The thick long bar on the top can be interpreted as an elongated rectangle. That rectangle represents father here. He lived a very long life, fought hard for his bread and has grown very old now. With age comes lack of enthusiasm and therefore he has turned very dull and boring. The son, or the rectangle just below the elongated one, on the other hand is young and vibrant. He has a long life ahead of him full of opportunities. His father has always supported his dreams and therefore you see the closeness between the two geometric elements. We can say the closeness represents love in the relationship.
To compose, I was on the 55-250mm Canon zoom lens. This was shot from a distance at the bani park circle, Jaipur.  Shot was taken around 4 pm in the evening. They highlight of the shot is the reflection of the trees in the smaller rectangle and that precisely, was the primary motivation to take the shot.

A Minimalist Photo of Two Rectangles on a colored wall
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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