10 September, 2014

The Get-together

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

A Minimalist Photo of a Semi-circle, line and a rectangle representing a get-together
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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Just like how friends meet for a cup of coffee or tea in the evening, here Simple Geometry is hosting a get-together.

The attendees being

a) An Arc
b) A Line
c) A Rectangle.

This Minimalist Photo falls under the Parts of the whole Minimalism, category of Minimalist Photography, as only a snippet or a part of each shape is shown.

The rest is left for the viewer to imagine.

The shot is taken at a low angle, and yes I was on my knees for it. I could have taken just the bicycle tyre as well in the frame, but that would have been too vanilla a shot.

Three elements, definitely makes it more interesting. But note, if there were more than three elements, doing justice to Minimalism would have been difficult.

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