08 September, 2014

Piano Keys

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photograph of the area under a circular staircase symbolic of piano keys
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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A Minimalist Photograph of the area under a circular staircase, very symbolic of piano keys.

This is a photograph of the Geometric structure under a circular staircase, which I spotted at Ganpati Plaza Jaipur.

I went to the Canon Camera shop to purchase an external flash. I thought that would be a good add-on for my Camera Kit, so I bought a Flash for myself.

I also had this at the back of my mind that maybe someday, I would get into Commercial Photography and I might need this thing then. So why not buy it now and experiment.

Soon after I purchased that expensive add-on, I roamed around to hunt for some Minimalist Photographs. I kept on wandering looking here and there, and I was struggling to stop Geometry.

But then, there was this Circular Staircase near me, that lead to the first floor. I thought it would be a good idea to step a bit away from the staircase and try and capture its circular/spiral nature.

I did so, but the shot had a lot of distracting elements in the background. I tried many shots but I wasn't able to crop those elements out or make the frame look Minimalist. So I gave up on those shots.

But, right under the Circular Staircase there was this Geometric Pattern, so I went under the staircase and zoomed in, looking up to capture this Minimalist Photography.

I found this rhythmic upward curve being formed, and that quickly reminded me of Piano Keys. And Bingo, I had my shot.

I hope you enjoyed this discovery of mine.

For more Minimalist Shots stay tuned or just bookmark this blog :)

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