12 September, 2014

Corner Shot

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

This shot was taken at the Diggi Malpura road. I was heading to the Diggi Kalyan Ji Mandir/Temple for a cultural festival/event. We were about 10 people, all a bunch of photography enthusiasts. We reached our destination half-an hour late, as we found a lot of traffic on our way. Once we got off the car, we realized that, we had to walk about one kilometer by feet to the temple gate. This was completely unexpected. We were already tired, but we had no choice but to follow the tradition. Thousands of others were walking bare-feet next to us.

That explained, now lets get back to the photo. I spotted this bright vibrant, colored wall to my left, with water taps on it. This was basically a water dispensing place for people to have water, while they were on their way to the temple gate. I stopped by, to drink some water in order to prevent dehydration. It was a very warm, sunny afternoon. The marble slab you see, was the bottom portion of the water dispensing outlet. There were about 8 taps installed in total. The marble slab was basically a very large rectangular structure. I decided to create my own little rectangle from it. I carefully clipped the corner of the rectangle and instantly, I had my own. To add negative space, in lie of making the photo a classical minimalist one, I placed the rectangle that I cropped, on the top right corner of the frame. This, actually made the photo fall under two categories of Minimalism, a) Minimalism as less elements and since my subject is a part of the whole structure, therefore b) Minimalism as parts of the whole. Well, I chose point b) as the classification of the photo, you can choose the one you want.

A Minimalist Photo of White marble rectangle on an apricot colored wall
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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