06 September, 2014

Intrinsic Value

Minimalism as Less Elements

Sometimes, people fail to realize that they have far more potential hidden within them, than what they actually believe they have. This is depicted in the photo by the elongated shadow of the small pipe signifying( or the person), the huge potential hidden within them or their intrinsic value. They may or may not be aware of it. Most of us do not know our full potential. It is important to keep exploring and trying new ventures. That is one of the ways to find out. The main subject of the photo is the pipe, which is complimented by the vertical rectangle on the right hand side. Some grains on the right and the smooth surface on the left, acts as opposite textures. Keeping the frame vertical, helped me to keep the long shadow of the pipe well within the frame.

A Minimalist Photo of Elongated shadow of drainage pipe supported by a vertical rectangle
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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