11 July, 2017

Lines Galore

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Lines created by both, the Raw Iron Bars and their shadows
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I spotted this at the backyard area of "Ravindra Manch, Jaipur" last Sunday. 

Of course it was very clear to me that I would be shooting Minimalism as Simple Geometry or Lines. 

The Lines were all over the place, because 

a) This gray wall had so many Raw Iron Bars in it 

b) The overhead Sun was creating long shadow Lines from these bars as well.

I shooting in the landscape or horizontal mode and the photos that were coming out were full of clutter. 

So I decided to shoot this in the Vertical mode or the portrait mode. That helped me to do away with a lot of clutter and I could now also add some Negative Space.

Another challenge was how to apply the Rule of Thirds

I pushed myself further away from the wall, that created some distance and made the bars appear smaller in size, adding to the Minimalism feel. 

Then, I placed the One Set of the Random Iron Bars arrangement along with it shadows, at the bottom of the frame applying the Rule of Thirds 

Later, I added a complimentary subject to the frame, i.e the shadows of the other set of Raw Iron Bar arrangement, just above my primary subject at the bottom.

By Not including the Actual Raw Iron bar set on the top, rather including just its shadows, I left a lot of room for imagination for the viewer. He will look at the bars at the Bottom of the frame and try and imagine a similar set of bars on top of the frame, creating the very long shadow lines.

That's pretty much how I composed this shot. 

Hope you enjoyed it. 

Stay tuned for more. 

Have a nice Day / Evening.

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