04 July, 2017

White Staircase

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Lines and Basic Geometric shapes in a White Staircase located at Jharkhand Mahadev Temple, in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur, India.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Staircases are one of my Favorite Subjects when it comes to Minimalist Photography


This White Staircase I found at the "Jharkhand Mahadev Temple" located at Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, India. 

Apart from the above shot, I have clicked many other Minimalist Photographs from this place. The architecture of the Temple is very simple  and geometric.

I guess in old times, people understood the value of Simplicity and Utility. And of course, since this is temple area, it need not be very modern. 

I like going to this place often, for the vibes are amazing. You must visit this small Temple for sure when you land up in Jaipur sometime for a vacation.

Coming back to the composition, the Minimalist Photograph of the White Staircase above, falls nicely under the Minimalism as Simple Geometry Category of Minimalist Photography / Minimalism. 

The Simple Geometry being Lines and its combinations. The subtle texture and dirt on the staircase and the White wall, creates  a nice artsy feel.

I took this shot a little from the side, to create a sense of depth. I have kept everything basic and simple this time.

Hope you enjoyed the shot. 

Stay tuned for more.

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