02 July, 2017

Blue Lines and Waves

Minimalism as Less Elements

Lines of a Blue Metal Sheet with a vertical wavy strip going across, adding a nice contrast to the overall image
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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The Subject, Blue Metal Sheet with Lines and a Wavy Strip going across, was actually placed in front of a Construction Site. 

I decided to shoot this, because of the Blue Color and the Wavy Lines. Initially I took at shot from the front, of just the lines. That looked very boring and flat. 

So, in my next shot I tried to add some variety and therefore I added the wavy vertical strip to the frame.

I took one more shot from the front and this time too, I did not like the final image. So, I decided to take a 3rd shot from the side. 

Shooting from the side, helped me to add some depth in the shot and to uplift the overall artistic feel.

I always strive to shoot unique subjects using newer angles. This is just another attempt at it. 

Hope you like my little effort.

Thank You !