08 July, 2017

Two Triangles Vs Lines

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Two Triangles Vs Lines. A multi layer shot of two portions of a building shot via Canon 100mm Prime F2.8 Macro L Series Lens mounted on a Canon 600D Crop Sensor Camera.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This Sunday I was invited by my photographer friend Manav, to Jawahar Kala Kendra for a Photowalk.

Initially I refused, because I had already taken many shots at that place. But because I was feeling tired to go out to a far off place, I agreed.

When I reached Jawahar Kala Kendra, my friend was already sitting with another acquaintance enjoying a cup of coffee.

Before I greeted and joined him, I took about 15 minutes of solo time searching for subjects.

It was a challenge for me, as I had already shot most part of the building. After 10 minutes I realized that I could not find anything worthwhile to frame.

So I tried going in for "creating my own subject" via "visual layering" or "overlapping of surfaces" method. Never heard of these terms before? Never mind, these are my own terms.

I stood right under the structure that had two identical floors with attached balconies, one to my left and one to my right. I started to look up and I kept moving to my right until I had Two Triangles being made by the cut/opening in the wall structure of the floor on the right.

Now, Lets look at the lines on the left. These lines were created by a similar opening in the wall of the floor on the left. If I had moved forward, then Two more similar Triangles would have been created.

Well, I let these lines just take their place in the frame. Didn't fiddle much there. 

I basically worked on the size and placement of the Two Triangles on the right, primarily by my physical movement. My movement included all four ways i.e forward, backwards, to my left and to my right.

After about 4 shots, I got the frame that I wanted. 

The Photo falls under the Minimalism Type: Simple Geometry. The Simple Geometric shapes being Triangles and Lines

The lens used here is Canon 100mm Prime L Series Macro Lens.

Camera Used is Canon 600D Crop Sensor

Hope you enjoyed the shot.

Have a nice day.

Another Shot from the same angle 

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