22 July, 2017

Glossy Door Handle

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Side Angle Minimalistic Photograph of a Glossy Door Handle with lots of Negative Space on the right.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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As you must have observed in many of my Photographs, I prefer shooting a lot from the Side. It gives a unique perspective and most importantly adds certain depth to the frame. That just doesn't happen when shooting dead front. 

The above shot of the Glossy Door Handle, too has been shot from the side angle.

I moved this much this time around, to include the red area of the wall which you can see on the extreme right.

The Reason: well, Color Palette. Yes, I do balance the color palette of the frame and that influences my compositions a lot. 

Shooting from the side also helped me incorporate a lot of negative space (to the right of the frame) which is another basic element of Minimalist Photography

This shot is again one of those, where an evident subject was not available as such, and therefore I crafted my own subject via my physical movement. 

Hope you enjoyed the shot. :)

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