16 November, 2014

Rectangle or a Square?

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

A black and white Minimalist Photo containing simple geometric shapes like Cylinder, rectangle and or a square.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Black and white Minimalism is the most appealing Minimalism Style in Minimal Art Photography 

These images look even Simpler than regular Minimalism, but are way tougher to produce. One needs to be very good in black and white photo editing. The permutations and combinations of blacks, whites, and grays run into thousands with very subtle variations and you would never know where to stop.

Hint: Follow your sub-conscious mind for the best combination.

As you can see, I have clipped a part of a rectangular shape and showed its juxtaposition with another geometric shape i.e the cylinder.

Wait, did I just mention a rectangle? It can be a square too, isn't it? yes that's right, That's how the viewer would think if I dint tell them about the geometrical shape I clicked. This is the fun part of Parts of the whole Minimalism in Minimalist Photography. The mystery always remains. It is not very hard to compose this shot. Just switch on the LCD screen view of your DSLR and apply the 3x3 grid on the preview. Sample frame the shot and stop where you think it just looks fine. Shooting vertical to adds a bit of freshness as we generally tend to see landscape shots.


  1. If you take half of a square it will be rectangle. Why half, any portion...

  2. I like these kind of abstract subjects. Very well composed and you have a great eye for these. :)