01 November, 2014

Blue Saree

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

A Minimalist Photo of a Woman in blue saree sitting against a yellow wall at Amber Fort - Jaipur
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I was trying to shoot this nice textured yellow wall, but then I noticed this woman sitting right next to it ...

...in a striking "Blue Saree"

I loved the contrast of yellow and blue so I decided to make a Minimalist Shot of it. At first I was confused as I had never shot a Minimal before using such a large image of a person, rather I generally shoot objects. This is where the domain knowledge of Minimalism helped me. I quickly realized I could click only a part of the woman, thereby eliminating the human structure and fit it under the Minimalism as parts of the whole category of Minimalism Photography. Composition was tricky to begin with but once I knew that I only have to clip the woman, I got it right in three shots.

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