04 November, 2014

Forgotten Love

Minimalism as Less Elements 

A minimalist photo of a plant leaning against a textured cracked wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai

This shot is from my garden. I spotted this as a curve to begin with. Curves are usually associated with women. And some of them are just as tender and fragile like the plant shown in the photo. When I observed carefully, I noticed how the plant was leaning against the wall, taking support from it. That gave me the title and story i.e "Forgotten Love"

This is a story of a tender, fragile, feminine, loyal woman, who loved with all purity. But, she did not have luck by her side. He broke her heart and her world got stripped of all joys and color(hence, black and white). The heartbreak made her so weak that she couldn't even take care of herself. Therefore, she is now taking support of her friends (or the wall), represented by the plant leaning on it. 

A word on the Minimalistic Composition

This is Minimalism as Less Elements. The curved plant is the lone subject here and empty walls have been used to create negative space. The cracks on the right, adds to the drama and the monochrome nature of the photo, intensifies it.

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