05 November, 2014

Twins from the Left

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo of the Shadow of a metal hook on a cargo truck.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This curved metal hook belongs to a cargo truck. Sometimes randomness hands over a subject to you out of nowhere. I was wondering what to click on the streets of Vaishali Nagar where I thought I would be able to find some interesting Minimal Shots, but the lane that I took was probably the wrong one.

On my left I only had one large red colored wall about 100 meters long with nothing on it. I soon got tired and waited at a local Pan Shop. It was very hot and I was lucky to find a cold drink there. While I was refreshing myself with that cold sweet carbonated water, suddenly a cargo truck came and stopped right in front of me (randomness at play) to deliver goods to a nearby shop. I immediately spotted this beautiful curvy hook with the shadow.

I call it the Twins from the Left as the shadow is roughly the same size as the hook representing Twins

More on the Minimalistic Composition

The photo falls under the Minimalist Photography Category: Minimalism as Less Elements. I placed them on top left to apply the rule of thirds. Some of you may argue that the shadow and the hook are not of exact similar size, I measured it from the side and they are equal although it doesn't look so from the front.

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