22 November, 2014

Power Shortage

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of An Electricity meter against a yellow wall with elongated shadow.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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I was on my way to Vailshali Nagar on my scooter. I approached a red light and I was waiting for it to turn green. I quickly glanced in my rear view mirror to check for the traffic behind, but when I turned my head a little more to my right I saw this beautiful large yellow wall and some shadows falling on it. I decided to take a U-Turn to stop by the wall. My subject here is an electricity meter that keeps track of the number of units consumed. I loved its elongated shadow which is almost three times the actual size. I dedicate this image to my country India. We have a huge Power Shortage in our country and maybe we need three times the current power output as the image suggests with the elongated shadows. Our newly elected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has promised to our nation that very soon the power crisis will be solved and we will get 24x7 electricity throughout the nation.

About the Minimalist Composition

To Compose, I placed the subject on extreme top left knowing, that if someday I decided to print it, it will be troublesome as I have not left any margin on the top left corner. Well, the only way out to manage the print could be frame-less framing. OK, Lets get back to the point. When you have elongated shadows to deal with, the best way out is to treat them as negative space and not as a supporting subject, and let them fall wherever within the frame. Of course make slight adjustments. But, remember your subject is the Power Meter and not the Long Shadows.

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  1. Prakash, loved your work. And the description of the photo is also awesome. No room left for ambiguity.

  2. Thanks Harish, I wish you a Nice Day.