10 November, 2014

Curves are Beautiful

Minimalism as Less Elements

 A Minimalist Photo of a Curvy geometric Window at a Design Institute in Jaipur, reinstating that curves are beautiful.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This photo give us another reason to have a good zoom lens in our camera kit. Such photos cannot be clicked with most short range prime lenses or wide angle lenses or with even the basic kit lens 18-55 mm that comes with the camera. The major drawback with zoom lenses is the drop in quality as you zoom. Therefore, you need to be very good at editing. I use about 3-4 editing softwares to edit my photos and it took me a good year to learn them. Alternatively, you can also buy those ultra expensive high quality zoom lenses like the 70-200 mm, if they fit your budget.

Ok, Lets get beck to the photo. I spotted this window to right, near the roof of a design institute located in Vaishali Nagar - Jaipur. The sharp edgy curves and the near perfect finish really impressed me.

Curves are always beautiful to look at and I am sure we all agree on that.

More on the Minimalist Composition 

I zoomed in on my Canon 55-250 mm lens, all the way close to the 250 mm range. This helped me to do away with the unwanted elements and shift and focus attention to just the geometric curvy window. Therefore, the photo has been categorized under the Minimalism Category: Minimalism as Less Elements. It was very tempting to place the window in the center, but I placed it slightly to the left, we all know that most centered photos loose a lot of their appeal and feel.

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