03 October, 2014

Parallel Universe

Minimalism as Low Detail

I once had a discussion for about half an hour with one of my good friends Gigi Starlings on Facebook about shadows and reflections. I showed her this photograph and she in return showed me a few of hers, primarily containing shadows. The next thing she mentioned was, that this might be the parallel universe we talk about and I was in agreement instantly. Shadows and reflections could be the other universe that co-exists with us but we fail to give it due importance. But I took it a little further and asked her what if, this is not the reality we live in and we infact ourselves are a mere reflection of some other universe (reality). Possible? Well, I would love to know what you all think of it. Coming back to the shot, This photo falls under the category Minimalism as  Low Detail which is very evident from the shot. I was walking around Ganpati Plaza, Jaipur (shopping complex) looking for some shots of windows and other geometric structures. I went there post a heavy shower and I was lucky enough to find this puddle of water right in front of me on my way back. Repeating shapes (yellow building) and the contrasting blue and yellows were too tempting to miss. Composing this shot was a challenge. I stepped backwards, bent my knees and took about 4 shots from various angles. I finally got the composition right. You would not get a proper or a size-able reflection of your subject if you don't shoot it from the right angle. Being on your knees is the best way to shoot such subjects.
A Minimalist Photo of Reflection of a yellow building in a puddle of water at ganpati plaza jaipur
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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