12 October, 2014

White Square

Minimalism as Simple Geometry 

A Minimalist Photo of a white square on a black wall at Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Shot vertically with focus point on the White Square. (See: Colored Version)

The walls were in fact red in color but capturing red as the actual red you saw, via your DSLR's aint that easy, unless you work with high quality prime lenses to shoot from. Or maybe the case is that I am jinxed to shoot red.

I mostly shoot with a multipurpose zoom lens as of now i.e. the Canon 55-250 mm. Sometimes it gives me great sharpness and color while I am not zoomed-in much and at other times, not so great results.

I never delete those not so great shots as I kind of recycle them.

Well, here is the trick. The shots in which you cannot fix the color even in editing, simply convert them to black and white. I follow this rule religiously, but keep in mind that you can only rescue a photo if it is well composed to begin with.

More on the Minimalistic Composition

I placed the white square in the bottom of the frame to follow the rule of thirds. The lines on the sides and above the square, balances the overall frame.

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