28 October, 2014

Refrigerator of the poor

Minimalism as Less Elements

A Minimalist Photo composed by using Yellow pots made of earthen clay used by traditional Indian Households and Villagers to store and cool drinking water.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is Minimal of Less Elements because only a Single Element is used here as a subject i.e. the Earthen Clay Water Pots / Refrigerator of the Poor

These pots are generally used by traditional Indian households and villagers to store drinking water. They help in keeping the water at under the room temperature or even lower. They are very effective in the summer season and therefore are also known as the Refrigerator of the Poor,

The poor cannot afford expensive white goods or electric refrigerators. Sometimes, people wrap these earthen clay pots with a wet cloth and that further insulates the water from external heat and enhances  cooling. Yes, it works. I had them in my house too when I was a kid.

Now back to the Minimalistic Composition. 

When you encounter such a large arrangement of pots or anything, it is very difficult. Sp, First compose in the mind and then point the camera at the subject. I would suggest you to look through the camera continuously via the LDC Screen and move it in all possible directions. Stop where you think you've got the composition you were looking for, then switch over to the Viewfinder and Snap the photo.

Hope you enjoyed the shot. I wish you all a great day/evening. !