25 October, 2014

Husband and Wife

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Minimalism as Simple Geometry
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This was taken yesterday, post the Diwali festival. Me and my friend Manav went to the old walled city (Johari Bazaar) in Jaipur to take a few night shots. I was officially out for street photography and was walking past two middle aged men sitting on the side of the street selling this beautifully lit "spinning tops". I could recall that in childhood I used to play with one of these. At First, I thought let me not take a shot but later I questioned myself, why not? These are circles and I could use them as a subject under the Minimalist Photography category: "Minimalism as Simple Geometry".

I always try to click newer shots and not repeat subjects to keep things fresh. The tops were spinning very fast, initially I tried to use a faster shutter speed but I was not able to create an artsy shot, so I switched over to a shutter speed of about 1/30 roughly and an f stop of 1.8 on my 50mm prime lens which resulted in these smoothed even out spirals or lets say circles within circles.

They were in a pair and spinning in close proximity, so I thought why not keep the title of the post Husband and Wife. I have kept the subjects on diagonal ends and tried to leave empty space between them this way.

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