02 August, 2014

Zigzag (Minimalism using Architecture)

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

Primary intention here is to show lines and the geometry in the structure. Shot at one of the most famous Bazaars (or shopping market) "Johari Bazaar" Jaipur, which is host to some of the best Jewellery shops in the city. The Traditional architecture is a key highlight of the market and a lot of tourists come here for its admiration. Of course the classic and ever so unique jewellery designs are a must buy. Placing the subject was a little tricky. I had to tilt and re-adjust the camera multiple times to get the frame that I wanted. The tip is, never be satisfied with one shot. Try and take multiple shots from different angles. Another reason to take multiple shots is, when you open some shots on your computer screen, they look entirely different from what you saw on LCD screen while shooting.
A Black and white Minimalist Photo of the Side view snippet of an old traditional builing at Johari bazaar, Jaipur
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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