24 August, 2014

Minimalist Reflection of Street Light

Minimalism as Less Elements

There is only one element in the frame i.e the reflection of street light, in the puddle of stagnant water. The subject is placed on the bottom right corner so as to follow the rule of thirds. A lot of negative space has been left on the top, to make the eye wander in the frame and find the subject eventually. Such compositions are very tricky, and you only get them right with loads of practice. Shooting water reflections could take hundreds of wrong photos. I spotted this arrangement after looking over at about 10-12 water puddles. You have to bend down everytime, move 360 degrees around it to check what can be spotted in it. Once you find the right subject in the puddle, try various angles and combinations, by varying the degrees at which that you bend. 

A Minimalist Photo of the Reflection of street light in stagnant water on the road.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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