02 August, 2014

In rust we trust

Minimalism as Parts of the Whole

I visited a vintage car garage for a photography competition. The theme was of course, shooting vintage cars, and we were supposed to get insights on how to go about it before our participation in the competition. It was organized by "Jaipur Photography Club" and many budding photographers of Jaipur attended. I personally do not like much of cars. I am a very simple man and I generally tend to stay away from the materialistic aspects of life, cars are a symbol of that. Everyone started clicking the cars from different angles but I was never interested in the contest. They are probably not meant for the Minimalists. A minimalist does not look for a reward, he basically shoot for expression and for the love of art in general. Anyways, I decided to hunt for my shots. I came across an old metal sheet of a car. Rust and the faded blue spray paint made for an interesting combination. I shot vertically and cropped the metal sheet. The crop helped me to keep the mystery in the frame. the mystery being, what that rusted spring leads to? This form of cropping and shooting only a part of the entire structure falls under the minimalism category, "Minimalism as parts of the whole". Hope you enjoyed the insights, have a great day.

A Minimalist Photo of the Snippet of a blue metal sheet in an old car garage with a rusted spring on top.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now

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