21 August, 2014

School Bus

 Minimalism as Less Elements

Minimal Art Photography using the back-light of a School Bus as a subject. This is a close-up shot and hence it eliminates the extra elements from the frame and there is clear emphasis on the geometry of the back-light. Next time, when you are out on a photo-walk, try to locate a stationery school bus for a similar shot. It depends what colors you find on it. School buses are usually full of vibrant colors and one could compose a lot of minimalist frame from it. But please make sure that the bus isn't parked on the main road with traffic on it. What happens is, that you would look back once for traffic and then get immersed in the shot. And therefore you may end up taking unnecessary risk. As a photographer I believe, that safety always comes first. Life (howsoever it may be good or bad for someone) is still, very precious. Always exercise caution while shooting. Good luck.

A Minimalist Photo of  the Backlight of a yellow School Bus
Photo By © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now


  1. I'd like to share Prakash Ghai's blog to all those who are interested in minimalism and thank you dear Prakash for this valuable information.