21 August, 2014

The Window

Minimalism as Simple Geometry

This shot was kept a little under exposed on purpose and was taken at City Palace - Jaipur. I had to do a lot of editing here. I adjusted the highlights, exposure, levels and had to crop it many a times to get the final image the way I wanted. Black and white editing is not easy. You need to also understand the 0-255 range. I wish I had a larger size uploaded for this image but to balance out the composition I had to do what I did. As as regular practice, I always add a small buy link under each photo. This one too has that button. I have tied-up with Pixels.com (earlier Fine Art America) for making my photos available for worldwide shipping. I love their service and have sold 50+ photos and some merchandise so far. The sales are good. Please click on small "Buy Now" link to browse more of my works. Thank you, I wish you a nice day and I send you greetings all the way from Jaipur, India.

Note: I am editing/updating this post after about 2 years. Original post date is 20.08.2014 and today it is 10.05.2016. Blogging is not that easy and maintaining and updating the blog on a regular basis is even tougher. I look forward for your feedback. In case you do end up reading this, please leave some comments below.

A black and white Minimalist Photo of Light coming through the window panes.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai - Buy Now