11 May, 2015

Love Arranged By Nature

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of the Shadow of two birds sitting on a wall sharing an intimate moment
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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They met by accident in a lonesome by lane of a busy street. The moment he saw her, he knew she was very fragile and required immense care. He too was fragile as his relationships in the past had not worked out. They met again but very little words were exchanged between them. There was a lot of eye contact. Their souls had identified each other by now and they both felt a connection. The more they spoke to each other over the next few days and months the more they got closer and found how similar they were in so many ways. Their choice of clothes, music, food, view on life, on art were just the same. They were both surprised to learn it. They realized that their bond was really strong and there was no need to say those magical three words "I love you", remaining silent was sufficient.

They could read and communicate with each other using their minds. All was going good but then there was a problem. A very big problem. The problem was, how could all be pre-decided and fixed beforehand? How could it be possible that they both found exactly the kind of person they were looking for, for over a decade? It was unbelievable for both. And so, doubts crept in. The relationship therefore was still hidden from others and not made public, which is depicted here by the "Shadow" of two birds, rather than their real word image. Their Love was arranged by Nature and therefore, they wanted to wait for more signs, more time in the relationship to be really sure before making a public announcement of their love.


In the shot below, I used my usual Canon 55-250mm lens and did some contrast and color adjustment in an editing software. At first, I was shooting the real world image of the birds but then to their left, I spotted their shadow being cast and therefore I changed my shot.

Of course the rule of thirds has been followed here by placing a) The minimal sky on he top and b) the bird on extreme top right. I could have avoided the black bar below but again it adds to the image. It kind of balances the vast space yellow covers in the frame and compliments the little blue sky by contrasting to it. And there you have it a Minimalist Photo of two birds in love.