08 April, 2015

The positives of negative space

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of A small cut on a large grey wall.
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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This is a Look-up shot, taken on the streets from a side angle. The cut in the wall got highlighted in bold due to its shadow during the afternoon, thanks to the bright hot Sun. I zoomed right in from about a distance of 50 feet odd and placed to cut on the extreme left, leaving negative space on the right. Negative space Minimalism with singular subjects is the best example of Minimalism as Less Elements. Tough to edit but I think I managed it pretty well. The wall was yellow to begin with but when I tried it in monochrome, it looked much better.

The image here is used to convey an important message, and the is message is "Less clutter = Less Stress" and thus a more peaceful and calm state of mind. I have titled it "The positives of Negative Space" where negative space is the space created by doing away with the unused, unwanted or the unnecessary and the focus stays therefore, solely on what is important. For example, you have 30 mobile applications on your cellphone but you only use 5 of them actively. The ideal thing to do then is to remove the unwanted 25 apps from your phone or in other words de-clutter. You would hence get less irritated and would use your phone in some limits. This is just one example.

Similarly, you can do away with the unwanted clothes that you have in your wardrobe. You can also remove furniture that is used rarely from your room as well. So that way you can create some negative or empty space visually and get accustomed to it. This could well be a precursor for actual meditation of the mind. Some people are just not used to "No Thoughts". They think a lot and therefore they are never able to meditate. Once they get used to some open empty space in real life they would feel a bit more comfortable with lesser thoughts in their minds to begin with and eventually None. Meditation has huge benefits and they are very well known to everyone.