03 April, 2015

Behind the Door of Jealousy

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of A green door with a metal handle
Photo By © Prakash Ghai
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Last Sunday I was out with a few of my friends to Gaurav Towers, a big shopping complex in Jaipur to roam around and have some food. I was there a little early. I parked my bike and hung the camera on my neck. I spotted some big posters on the walls and my eyes just lit up. I thought, today was the day to try that "connecting expressions in posters or text written on posters to people on the street" kind of photography. I walked around and found that the posters that were available were either too high or they did not have anything interesting written them. My excitement just nosedived and I put the lens cap back on my camera.

Suddenly a food truck arrived. It was painted with bright orange and green colors. The colors were so vibrant that I could not stop myself from clicking a few Minimalist shots. This knob was placed right at the center of the big green exit door at the back of the food truck. The shot was simple, I just placed the metal knob on the left and left a lot of negative to the right and at the bottom. I captured this using the 50mm 1.8 prime lens. Prime lenses retain a lot of color and are usually sharp. The message what I want to convey through this picture is that "Behind the Door of Jealousy lies Truth & Opportunity". Yes, I really mean "Truth". What happens is that when you are jealous, you tend to stay away from or ignore the person you are jealous with. Not wanting to find out how he/she really is, and what is your real reason for jealousy. Are you only imagining things? Have you made any effort to find out the truth? And why I mean "Opportunity", is that when you are jealous of someone rich and more successful, rather than ignoring that person, one should talk to him/her and try of find out and learn from them as to how they achieved their success.

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