17 May, 2015

The Only One

Minimalism as in Repeating Shapes

A minimalist photo of A water bottle stuck in an arrangement of gray bricks on the street.
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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Some people are so different and unique that others just cannot understand them. Others think that he is the odd one out. While on the other hand, that unique person feels that he is being over powered and cornered for no valid reason. Life of such a person is usually very tough and therefore the sole purpose of his life becomes finding that one right person who would understand him. If he does not find such a person, life becomes a living hell for him.

I have used a water bottle to represent such a person who is stuck amongst people who never understood him or the bricks in repetition. The composition is relatively simple. The photo falls under Minimalism as Repeating shapes category. The only thing here is "not to center" the water bottle. I placed it on the right using the rule of thirds. The position of the bottle is a little near the center line of the 3x3 grid but you can place it even on top right or at bottom right of the grid.


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