20 May, 2015

A New Relationship

Minimalism as Less Elements

A minimalist photo of Long shadow of the leaves of a plant on a white Indian wall with a hint of texture
Photo by © Prakash Ghai
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When a new person enters your life and you realize that he/she could be that one person you were waiting for. You tend to make more room in your heart for that person. But, it is to be seen over time as to how much space that person actually occupies.

The leaves of the plant just entering the frame is that special person, with whom you begin A New Relationship. The shadow of the leaves is your estimation of the initial space that person may occupy in your heart, and the extra space or negative space hints at the scope of that relationship. To shoot this, I moved out one afternoon on my bike at around 4 pm. The temperature was 42 degrees Celsius. This is pretty normal for North India, as May and June are peak summer months. I did go out in such heat on purpose as, I get a lot of light and shadow combination shots this time, and people are generally in their houses sleeping, so you can shoot with no one getting offended. This was shot zoomed in with a 55-250 mm lens, with sweat flowing down to my neck. Don't get confused by the shadow while applying the rule of thirds. Always apply it on the main (real) subject and let the shadow take its place. If the shadow is getting cropped, rearrange the shot. I shot for about an hour and to avoid getting ill with the heat I drank not one but two soft drinks. I generally avoid aerated beverages but the shop where I had stopped did not have any mineral water with them and I had no energy left to go find it at another shop.

Well, Minimalism calls for sacrifices and I did my bit.